Diversity in Oncology fosters courageous conversations about strategies for the delivery of equitable high quality cancer care for all including clinical trials, so that this cross-stakeholder, cross-cultural initiative can take action to make the clinical trial enterprise more inclusive and responsive to populations that are currently underrepresented.

Why This Initiative is Needed Now

Hear from Hong Tang, Co-Lead of PAN Asian Network, Health Equity Initiative at BMS, on when the idea for Diversity in Oncology was born. Listen to discover the purpose of this initiative which aims to uncover the barriers to clinical trial access by bringing together voices of patients, physicians, and researchers of diverse populations to work towards structural improvements and solutions.

Who Should Attend

  • Local and national community organizations that focus on health equity
  • Patients and caregivers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Clinical trial teams and principal investigators
  • Schools of public health
  • Anyone interested in discussing health equity in clinical trials


Featured Sessions

Co-Creating a New Model Through Collaboration in Clinical Research

According to ASCO’s 2021 member survey*, only 33% of oncology providers feel prepared to address disparities when it comes to equity in healthcare. In the fourth live session of the Diversity in Oncology series, we will hear from providers, oncology researchers and advocacy organizations taking action to address barriers. Our panel will showcase a range of topics and resources, including, financial toxicity, mental health, mentorship, the Clinical Treatment Act and more. During this session attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences, helping everyone to come away armed with knowledge and empowered for their healthcare journey.