Improving Representation of Diversity in Clinical Trials Through Academia and Community Collaboration



While the FDA, industry sponsors, academia, and others have taken important steps to address the challenges of clinical trial diversity, progress has been limited. Overcoming barriers to recruiting, enrolling, and retaining underrepresented groups in clinical research requires deliberate, concerted, and sustained actions. Patient and community engagement, partnerships, and collaborations can play crucial roles in overcoming barriers to clinical trials.

The goal of this session is to create a safe space for courageous conversations where Academic researchers can share their experience building meaningful community collaborations to deepen relationships, build trust, gain an understanding of community priorities, and make research programs more responsive to the needs, values, and perspectives of the affected populations.

Session Insights


Dr. Edith Mitchell, MD, MACP, FCPP, FRCP
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson University

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Carolyn Fang, PhD
Professor, Cancer Prevention & Control, AD, Population Science, Fox Chase Cancer Center

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Dr. Matthew Kulke
MD, Co-Director of the Boston University, Boston Medical Center Cancer Center

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Dr. Ruben Mesa, MD
Executive Director of the Mays Cancer Center, UT Health San Antonio

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